Beer Cans?

I love walking through antique stores. It might be one of my favorite things to do in all the world. The history is great but for me it is the design of things. Usually I am on the look out for a new (old) camera to add to my collection.

This time through I noticed some interesting vintage cans that reminded me more of today's graphic design than the past. The typography, logo marks, colors so many things felt like some of the things you see today. I decided I needed to shoot a series of these and share the beauty and nostalgia that these cans seem to hold. After scouring a few shops I had 12 and headed back to the studio to have some fun. 

Production - I used only natural light and a white backdrop. Our office has a great big window with no direct sunlight so it makes for a nice sun based soft box. I did no occasion diffuse the light when the highlight were too much but I love just using the sun. Lightroom to edit them and I let the backgrounds vary just so they all felt a little bit raw and not too polished like the cans themselves.