Honduras Day 2

It is always such a joy to travel and be with the beautiful people of Honduras. Of course this trip was way back in July and I am just getting around to finalizing 7 days of photos.

On day 2 some of us left to participate in the One Egg program in the morning. This organization helps provide essential nutrition to local kids - for their bodies and their souls. It’s an amazingly simple concept with life changing effects. Our team visits the children at school and while they eat their egg, we have the opportunity to share Bible stories with them. The “gringos” are always a draw and it was fun to see many recognizable faces from previous trips. It was great to remember them, and even more exciting that they remembered us. We shared hugs, high fives and a game of soccer.

I also had the opportunity to capture some portraits of some of the students at the School located in CAFFIN. The school is giving students who normally would not move past a 6th grade education the opportunity to complete the 7th/8th grades. This additional time in school gives them a chance to move on and will hopefully provide a chance for a brighter future. Today, a student approached us and was willing to share his testimony with the group. This really opened the door and prompted more discussions and conversations. We heard story after story about kids that are being given life altering opportunities - allowing them a future that may not have been possible if it had not been for CAFFIN. The stories were similar in some ways; full of heartbreak and despair that was all changed by this place and the interactions with people God had put in place to change their lives.

All photos ©Damion Van Slyke