The People of Grandville (some of them)

I love photographing people. I love the unique personalities they bring. Some warm up as we go and others are full of zest from the moment they walk on set. It’s always a fun challenge to capture who they are. These lovely people happen to be residents of Grandville and are regular patrons of the local library. I had the pleasure of working with them as part of branding work for the new library addition capital campaign. The concept calls for high contrast black and white photos that will then be converted to duo tones for the communications tools. A good number of the shots below may never make it into the printed pieces but I just can’t keep them to myself! I’m also always looking for opportunities to experiment and it’s a treat to give them a cool picture they can have for themselves.

Process: For this process I used only natural light with a white sweep. I shot all of them with my 35mm lens using a Canon Mark III 5D. The versatility of the 1.4 35mm lens plus the cloudy November day gave us what we needed for a soft, yet bright portrait. In post production, I created a preset which allowed the backgrounds to sort of develop themselves with a bit of variation.

Damion Van Slyke